Colombian Student Association at Boston University

About the Association

The purpose of COLSA is to be an organization through which students at BU can access academic, social, cultural, and business resources related to Colombia in order to advance their careers and contribute to the country. COLSA will achieve this through:
A) Providing a networking platform through which students interested in Colombia can interact and form connections.
B) Fostering a learning environment around Colombian culture in order to create a more unified Colombian community within BU.
C) Incentivizing critical thinking regarding problems affecting Colombia by granting the possibility of establishing academic debates about current issues.
D) Creating a platform to promote the development of business ideas targeted to solving problems that are currently affecting Colombia.
E)Promoting the cultural exchange of Colombian customs and traditions within BU’s community.
F) Including a philanthropic approach in order to give back to Colombia.


COLSA membership is open to all Boston University undergraduate students, both full time and part time, who have a Colombian background or are interested in Colombia. In accordance with University policies, there will be no discrimination on the basis of - but not limited to - race, religion, political views, sexual orientation, nationality, handicap, and sex; such behavior would lead to the expulsion of the student from COLSA.

Two types of memberships

Active members: those members that attend more than 6 meetings each semester.
Passive members: members who attend fewer than two meetings each semester.