Colombian Student Association at Boston University

The social Committee

This pillar of the organization is focused on two Main aspects
(1) The creation and promotion of social events such as restaurant visits, parties, etc. to promote the sense of belonging among the Colombian and BU community.
(2) Promote social outreach activities such as fundraising to give back to those regions in Colombia that most need resources.

The cultural Committe

Colombian Culture, is one of the most unique ones in the whole region. It however is quite underrated in the international environment. This is why the Cultural committee is in charge of promoting the Colombian culture among the BU community through various activities that will happen throughout the semester.

The social committee gathers people who are...

about the people around them
with a high willingness to work for the community
and reachable to properly plan and foment events

The Cultural committee gathers people who are...

To be representatives of Colombia abroad
Since most events require quite a deal of though
To show BU what Colombians really are